Dogs Are Part Of Our Lifestyle

Going for a walk early in the mornings or later on in the afternoons on any beach or walking track on the Gold Coast and you’ll most often see pet owners walking their dogs. It’s just part of our lifestyle here. 

On the weekends, I’ll often see boats, canoes or tinnies traveling over to the sandbars and small island in the Broadwater so they can let their dogs run freely without a leash to get their exercise. I even stopped to talk with a girl who had taken her pooch on a stand up surfboard and wondered how it went. She found she could do it easily on calm days, but when it was windy, the breeze catching the dogs ears would annoy it too much.

Many apartments, units and villa complexes (especially the newer developments), now allow pets under the body corporate bylaws. They’re understanding the need or desire many of us have, to live in a community with animals by our side.

Just now, a jet skier went by with a dog perched high on the seat in front of him, a family walking a baby in a pram had their two dogs on a lead to the side, and this lovely Pomeranian cross, sits peacefully under my feet.

We enjoy their company – They add more meaning to our lives – They give us something extra to love – PETS.




The Big Red Hen

Many people seem to have pets on The Gold Coast and as I was raised on a poultry farm, this closeup photo of a large chook (as we call them in the country) just has to be included here. Enjoy looking into her eye and catching a glimpse of the reflection!

large red chook-13

Horse In A Paddock

It seems as if most people have a pet of some sort on The Gold Coast. Many newer apartment buildings now allow a small animal under 10 kgs with the consent of body corporate and we often see local people walking their dogs on the beautiful tracks, boardwalks and beaches here.

Horses are plentiful in areas where house and land packages were made available like the Currumbin Valley and Mount Tambourine.

This photo is of an attractive bay gelding or mare (I forgot to check … lol) that we found on a property on the way to Mount Cougal National Park.

You can see more pictures of pets and birds here.

horse-at Currumbin Valley