Dogs Are Part Of Our Lifestyle

Going for a walk early in the mornings or later on in the afternoons on any beach or walking track on the Gold Coast and you’ll most often see pet owners walking their dogs. It’s just part of our lifestyle here.  On the weekends, I’ll often see boats, canoes or tinnies traveling over to the sandbars […]

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The Big Red Hen

Many people seem to have pets on The Gold Coast and as I was raised on a poultry farm, this closeup photo of a large chook (as we call them in the country) just has to be included here. Enjoy looking into her eye and catching a glimpse of the reflection!

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Horse In A Paddock

It seems as if most people have a pet of some sort on The Gold Coast. Many newer apartment buildings now allow a small animal under 10 kgs with the consent of body corporate and we often see local people walking their dogs on the beautiful tracks, boardwalks and beaches here. Horses are plentiful in […]

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Pets Allowed In Apartments

When I moved to The Gold Coast in 2010, I wanted to find an apartment that allowed pets, not only did we have a small dog with us but I also thought it was wise to purchase in a pet approved building to make re-sale more desirable. There are a few pet friendly apartment blocks […]

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