Mount Tambourine Skywalk Photos

Photographs on this page were taken at the Mount Tambourine Skywalk and include a tree python, butterfly display, butterfly pictures, the rain forest canopy and walk bridges. Enjoy!


Windy Tracks Through The Forest

We were totally amazed walking along the tracks at Springbrook National Park. I don’t recall my daughter and I saying “wow” so many times in one outing.

It was like venturing into a magical fairyland and we wondered what on earth might be just around the corner.


Giant Antarctic Beech Tree

This enormous Beech tree was photographed in the world-heritage listed National Park at Springbrook.

These incredibly characteristic gnarled trees looks like something that belongs in a fairy tale and the image itself has been generated from 4 super high quality full framed images stitched together that in full resolution, could be blown up tall enough to cover the side of a two story building.

It gives me such a thrill to include it on this picture website, I intend to work further on it digitally, maybe to add some actual fairies to stimulate even more of my visual senses. Enjoy! ~ From the photographer, Elizabeth Richardson

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