Off On A Fishing Trip

I saw these guys “as happy as Larry”, about to take off on an all day fishing boat trip, leaving from Harley Pontoon (in front of the Grand Hotel) on Marine Parade in Labrador. They were all REALLY excited!

There’s something very special about the way a man feels when he’s participating in some form of sport … It just tends to bring out the best in him.

And there are so many beautiful places to see on The Gold Coast and oh so many things to do.

I’d like to go fishing again really soon too.



Crazy Painted Combi Van

Ha … I love the individuality of people on the coast. We found this wild hand painted combi van while we were taking photos in Sringbrook National Park.

Cartoon cowboys on one side and Indians on the other. The cactus and desert scenes made it obvious where we were supposed to be, but I couldn’t help wondering is Tequila and rattlesnakes were about to emerge from inside 😉




Summafieldayze 2013 Tonight

This hugely popular music festival is rocking the Gold Coast (Doug Jennings Park) at Mainbeach as I write. From directly across the broadwater on Marine Parade Labrador, we can hear the crowds yelling, see the brightly lit carnival rides, feel the drum beat thumping in our apartment and hear what sounds like the South Korean hit song “Gangnam Style” played repeatedly … lol

On this page are 3 photos giving you an idea of the enormity of the tent space stretched along The Spit, during the day and the lights tonight.

The locals here are lucky for 2 reasons. For those who enjoy the vibe, we’re right amongst it and we get to see a few more fireworks before the night ends. For those who don’t, the curfew is pretty soon and we can all get a peaceful sleep 😉

Summafieldayze-2013 (2)

Summafieldayze-2013 (3)

Summafieldayze-2013 (4)