Swimming On The Island

A group of girls enjoy swimming in the unusually orange coloured water at North Stradbroke Island, east of Brisbane. Scenic tours of the island include a delightful boat trip and an expert guide to take you to the best places. I loved it when I was there. Advertisements

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Swimming In An Island Paradise

One of my favourite things about North Stradbroke Island was being able to walk up high on the cliff faces looking down on the magnificent beaches and clear blue/green water below. Couldn’t believe my luck when I reached this particular hill top and saw masses of swimmers and young surfers playing in the waves. It […]

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Going On A Snorkelling Adventure

One of the most enjoyable adventures I’ve had on The Gold Coast, is snorkeling at Wavebreak Island with the abundance of coloured fish really close to the shoreline. It felt as if I could just reach out my hand and touch them. But this picture is of a man with flippers, snorkeling just off North […]

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Bikini Girl Watching The Surfers

I’ve just recently been on a terrific kayaking, snorkeling and dolphin adventure that took me across to Wavebreak Island. This particular kayaking tour also took us to South Stradbroke Island where we had breakfast before a short trek across the southern tip of the island to watch the surfers ride the waves. We were told […]

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Boating At Sunrise

It’s a common sight to see speed boats leave early in the morning for perhaps a fishing trip or an adventure on one of the many islands just of the eastern coast. I’ve seen quite a few people moor their boats in the sheltered waters of South Stradbroke and camp on the beach in tents. Some […]

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