Picnic In The Park

These people were truly enjoying their picnic in the national park near Currumbin. There was great entertainment that day too as we watched a group of guys slide down a dangerous and forbidden waterfall … they all survived, and we were glad for some adventure too. Advertisements

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Early Morning Cycling

Marine Parade provides a popular route for part of The Gold Coast Marathon and many Cycling Races. These four men on their racing bikes, in helmets and padded Lycra riding gear, were up and away early on the day this pictures was taken … at 5.06am, not so long after sunrise. What a great start […]

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Taking A Walk On The Beach

When I moved to The Gold Coast from Melbourne in 2011, one of the first things we noticed was how so many more people go for regular walks, workout, swim or keep fit in other ways. It’s the magnificent weather, relaxed attitude and healthy lifestyle that attracts most people here! ~ ER But besides the […]

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Gold Coast Relaxed Lifestyle

How much better can life really be? On the Gold Coast people tend to have a more relaxed and healthy lifestlye … they go for morning and evening walks, play on the beach with their dogs and kids and take time to sit by the pool. This picture is of me, chilling out before taking […]

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People In The National Park

The Mount Cougal National Park at the end of Currumbin Valley Road is well worth a quick visit if you’re in the area. A really cool spot to picnic, swim, go for a short walk, spot some wildlife, take the family, sit by the waterfall or just take a friend and enjoy the serenity. There […]

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