Fantastic Photos From Australia Zoo

I was surprised to learn just recently, that Queensland is one of the lucky states where zoo handlers are allowed to work one-on-one with the wild cats. I saw this vividly at Steve Irwins AUSTRALIA ZOO, where I photographed a zoo staff member hugging a tiger. 

Seeing the wild cat show at the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo just recently wasn’t nearly as interesting … although the rest of the park was incredible.

On this page you’ll see several pictures of an experienced wildlife official snuggling up to a Sumatran Tiger, a girl hand feeding the giraffes and a carer with an Ocelot as well as several other lovely pictures of kangaroos, a Tasmanian tiger, koala, elephant, zebras, rhino, lizards, sheep, statues and more … Enjoy!

You can see the rest of this lovely picture gallery at


Coming Down The Water Slide

There’s nothing much more family friendly on a hot summers day than taking the kids to one of the Gold Coasts Theme Parks like Wet ‘N Wild. Great to go for movie nights as well and relax on the lounges or loll around on a floatie in the pool. Not only is it good exercise walking up the stairs carrying your inflatable boat, but it really is great fun too.

The two kids in this picture are just loving the excitement, as they get to the bottom of this water slide.