Coming Down The Water Slide

There’s nothing much more family friendly on a hot summers day than taking the kids to one of the Gold Coasts Theme Parks like Wet ‘N Wild. Great to go for movie nights as well and relax on the lounges or loll around on a floatie in the pool. Not only is it good exercise […]

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Seal Steals The Show

The animal handlers do a remarkable job of managing the seals (both large and small) during the daily Shows at Sea world. I’ve seen the skilled actors do some terrific improvising especially when one of the animal actors doesn’t follow the plan. The look on this seals face, stole my heart 😉

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Aquarium At Seaworld

I visit one of my favourite theme parks at Seaworld on a regular basis. Besides the easy access environment, the terrific family shows, the marine displays, the gift shop, the fun rides, the penguins and the sea lions, the large glass display aquarium can have me entertained for hours. Find more pictures of Seaworld on […]

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The Penguins At Seaworld

One of the best theme parks to visit anywhere in the world would be Seaworld on The Gold Coast. Great shows, terrific rides, easy to park, food pretty good, attractions phenomenal, rides fabulous for kids (and me too) and so much more. I love it here. See more photos here too

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