Colouful Gold Coast Sunrise Sunset Pictures

The sunrise this morning inspired me.

It was a striking red and gold colour … people all over the place stopped and stared in awe at its beauty. I praised the magnificence of nature. What a fabulous way to start another new day.

It made me think about the big changes I’m making in my life. Not by concentrating on the big stuff and working hard at it, but by noticing the simple things and playing lightly with them.

The variety of colours in these pictures are simply stunning. That’s nature, that’s life, that’s ease, that’s variety, that’s beauty, that’s a blessing, that’s true abundance. ~ Elizabeth Richardson

Sunrise On The Broadwater

There was something really magical about the sunrise this morning.

I love how I was inspired to go out to the balcony and look just at the right moment to catch the best possible light. It was just me and a paddle boarder way out in the distance.

A great start to the day in strong appreciate for the magnificence of nature.

Just beautiful.


Stunning Pictures In Springbrook National Park

Another beautiful place to visit when you’re on

The Gold Coast of Australia


Photos on this page include the creek, a delightful rainbow in front of a waterfall, people looking out at the expansive views from the fabulous Canyon Lookout, tracks through the bush, signs, a huge goanna that surprised me by crashing across the path in front of me, a bush turkey and an enormous Atlantic Beech tree.

It makes me want to go back to Springbrook National Park and take some more photos again.