NEW Pictures From The Gold Coast

Isn’t the Gold Coast magnificent at this time of year!

We’ve had some warm weather, lots of rain and now a welcome cool change. It doesn’t stop people getting out and about though. From my balcony I can always see people running, walking their dogs, riding bikes or taking their children for a stroll, even in the wettest or warmest weather.

But for me, I’ve taken the opportunity to get in some extra trips to Lamington National Park, Springbrook National Park, Mount Tambourine, The Hinze Dam (great cafe there by the way) and Coombahbah Lakelands as well as the regular pictures I take on The Broadwater.

We’ve added so many new photo albums to the Gold Coast Australia Gallery. Here’s just a small sample …


Gold -Coast-Pictures


Sunrise On The Broadwater

There was something really magical about the sunrise this morning.

I love how I was inspired to go out to the balcony and look just at the right moment to catch the best possible light. It was just me and a paddle boarder way out in the distance.

A great start to the day in strong appreciate for the magnificence of nature.

Just beautiful.


Gorgeous Parkland At The Hinze Dam

This couple were taking their young kids for a walk at the beautifully designed park-lands at The Hinze Dam on the Advancetown Lake.

It’s become one of my new favourite places to go for a day trip from The Gold Coast, where you can enjoy the luxury of their excellent cafe, tour through the interactive information centre, read the history boards along the walking tracks, put a boat in the water at one of the two boat ramps, enjoy a barbecue in the beautiful picnic area or just thrive on the gorgeous views of the lake.

I love spending hours on end at The Hinze Dam, and I’ll be back again really soon.