Australian Native Birds and Animals

We’ve just added a brand new album of Australian Birds and Animals for you to enjoy.

As I travel around, go on bush walks and visit the local national parks I’m blown away by the beauty and diversity of creatures found here. Fortunately I have a fabulous Canon wildlife lens which can double as a general purpose lens at times. There aren’t too many shots I’d miss when I sneak out quietly by myself as I do. What a great life!

Photos include ibis, jabiru, seagulls, kookaburra, kingfisher, waterbirds, honey-eaters, rosella, rainbow lorikeet, white cockatoo, Australian Raven, black swans, bush turkeys, magpie, pelicans, willie wagtails, sparrows, wild ducks. Native Australian Animals in the album also include koala, several species of kangaroo and wallaby, joeys in pouches, green tree python, water dragon, lizard and more … … The animal and bird collage below is just a small sample of what you’ll find. Enjoy!


Wallaby On South Stradbroke

The great picture of a native Australian wallaby on South Stradbroke Island was taken during a sailing cruise, as the island is only accessible by boat … or canoe, or perhaps even a strong swimmer could take on the current across the Broadwater on the Gold Coast.

The animals here have been fed by the tourists so were reasonable easy to get close to, although still quite wary.

South Stradbroke wallaby